largest selection of quality liquors and brews

Hands Down: Discover The BEST.

Your party favorites, along with hundreds of other unique global liquor profiles, and WE DO NOT play around when it comes to tequila... Thats why we have Coshoton County's Largest Selection. Everything is affordably priced for your evening of adventure!

Discover ice cold imports, unique craft beers and authentic specialty cocktails mixed perfectly to your preferences. Shots? Shots! SURE!
Here at CCXLI: It's NOT what WE DO that others CAN'T, It's WHAT WE DO for YOU that others WON'T.

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The Best Vibes

All our patrons make us look good, and make this place sound fantastic too! All jams we bounce out to the space are chosen by YOU, and all our other musically diverse friends every night, all the time, at no cost!

We're PROUD to be unique, crazy fun and just sorta Un-Adult. Play all night with Free arcade, trivia, card, and board games.
We even have modern electronic hookah available for those really social moments.

CCXLI is the safe space to meet that special App Date or Celebrate Life with friends! Karaoke? Yes, we do that too!

Hookah and food menu

Experience a Social Entertainment Venue

This entire facility is a PRIVATE ESTABLISHMENT and is NOT OPEN to the general public at large. You must be a member or an invited guest to enter this facility.

We have Friendly front door security, no cost cell charging, affordable late night kitchen menu, complimentary party snacks, modern dance floor, bottle service...and SO MUCH MORE!

We Offer Carry Out of beer, wines and selected bottles of liquor to 2:30 AM. Our kitchen is open to 1 AM with carry out.
Yes! Always free condoms...


We are a 21 and Over ONLY, fully licensed Adult Entertainment Venue, so a Valid, Legal I.D. and Member Card is required.
Hours 10:00 PM to 2:30 AM, Friday and Saturday Nights.

90's Night Party

Back to the 90's Party!

90's Hip Hop Rap, Old Skool Classics, 90's Pop, Techno, Rock, Dance and even Grunge... Here, it's ALWAYS FREE to Pump Up Your Jams! We even have 90 cent specials! So, Ready to PARTY? On the dancefloor? On the pole? Mild to Wild... Make YOUR Weekend YOURS, Be YOUR SELFIE!

All the Hottest Club Mixes, Your Favorite Chart Toppers and Hidden Underground Hits can be discovered at CCXLI, so Chill and be Thrilled... The Vibes are YOURS!

Bar Games and Trivia Card Games

Games People Play!

Board games, checkers, chess, trivia games, mancala, dominoes, video games and more! Always provided by us and available to you and your friends at no cost on a first come, first serve basis. Everybody plays nice up here...

Texas Hold'em, Magic the Gathering, Go FISH? Candy Land with shots...oh yeah! We have Classic Atari, Nintendo, Playstation, Donkey Kong, Mario Bros, Spongebob and more video games...even Old School Pong! Play on GAMER, the rents won't nag ya here!

The fun place to party is CCXLI

Cash ONLY Accepted There?

It's 2018, and unlike others, WE DO ACCEPT ALL credit/debit cards, and mobile wallet payments directly from your smart phone. Complete SSL Security.

Naturally cash is welcome here, so yank out your thick, juicy broccoli wad... and Spend Responsibly.

Sign up for our VIP guest list

CCXLI VIP Guest List

Our VIP guest list is a special promotion we offer separate from general admission. CCXLI has different benefits when you are signed up on our VIP guest list!

Some of the benefits of being on our guestlist are: free entry, discounted cover charges on live event nights, freebies, party notifications, invites, and more...