Miranda Sings Contest at CCXLI

So much talent is inside Miranda Sings... she is simply oozing amazing style, wit, and  everyone on the internet cannot get enough of her. Nobody can beat Miranda at singing, dancing, or anything else for that matter...but you can try.

Watch the incredible Miranda Sings on NETFLIX... her show is called "Haters Back Off!".  Now try to compete with that!

Simply get into the club to SIGN UP for the CONTEST! 

We will have cheese-balls all night, numerous prizes, and lots of fun waiting for everyone who participates!

Dress like Miranda Sings, dance, sing, talk, joke and do everything MIRANDA STYLE.

Don't forget the incredible red lipstick and hair do.... or the clothes.

If YOU dont have Netflix, go to YOU TUBE and type in her name... She's a STAR!




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